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For advertising, you won’t find any better platform than Google. It covers the highest percentage of online advertising and marketing. As a result, if you use Google to advertise your product, you’ll get a quick response from your target customers.

To place your ad on Google, you’ll have to have a Google Adwords account. It is a bit tough if you are not in the USA, but we’ve got your back. Give us a few bucks, and we’ll take care of the process of creating the Google ad account for you.

Google Ads Account Details


Instant support from experience technician about Facebook advertising


FREE replacements (account, profile, page, proxy,…)


Easy-to-understand and accurate spending report


Transparent policy

The things we’ll be handing over


Detailed login information


Verification details


Campaign Guide


VPS information login account

Payment thresholdAccount typeYear of creationPrice
35$Pay later2014-2015250$
140$Pay later2014-2015350$
245$Pay later2014-2015450$
350$Pay later2014-2015550$

Why postpaid account?

Postpaid Google Account is automatically paid once the threshold is reached (Unlimited number of payments in a day).It’s the type of account that has been credited with giving your ads the best possible delivery with the best bids.

Account with a long history and spent?

All of our accounts have spending history, complete payments. Paid multiple times to Google and hit the postpaid payment threshold.

The accounts were created between 2014 and 2015, to ensure the reliability of Google’s advertising services.

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