Facebook rental service

Renting a Facebook ad account is the optimal solution to help you save costs for your business' advertising campaigns. Facebook updates its algorithm daily and you often encounter accounts disabled, payment cards declined, pages restricted, and other errors?

Luca Marketing Agency Rental Service will provide proxy - profile - ad account - page (if needed) - payment card - pixel. You just need to create a campaign, manage and optimize it, and the errors that appear with the account we will handle for you.


What’s special about our rental service?

Free social profile - fanpage - 1st proxy

Test account with a low budget before scaling (1 account 50$ limit)

Replace disabled accounts without a fee

Accept all niche/product

What is Facebook rental service?

Facebook rental service in Luca Marketing Agency is a service to provide customers with all materials to create a Facebook advertising campaign. It includes:

  • Facebook profile
  • Facebook ad account with spending history, limit from 50$ to unlimited
  • Facebook page (old-aged, 5 star, reinstated)
  • Stable and clean proxy

Frequently asked questions

What if ad accounts are banned?

If ads account or profile gets banned, we will replace it as soon as possible. The only condition is you will need to follow our technician guide to avoid damaging accounts.

Can the balance from the banned account be moved to a new account?

Of course, we will update your daily spending in a report for you to check cash flow and balance, so if accounts get banned and can not spend, your money is still in the balance.

How is the fee counted?

We count based on your actual spending. For example, our customers spend at least $500 to $10000 a day. They will send us $500 (the ad budget that Facebook takes) and +10% of $500 (the commission we take) to start. For new customers, we offer a 0,5% discount which will be just a 9,5% fee in the first month (if you join our channel).In the second month, we will count the fee depending on your previous month's budget. If you spend at least 30.000$ this month, next month we just take a 9% fee The third-month fee will be counted depending on the second-month

How can I replenish the account?

You can check the report regularly to see the balance, your balance needs to be more than your daily spending. Or we will remind you if your balance is running out. You can top up by several networks like: USDT TRC20/ERC20, BTC, BUSD Bep20

How to access accounts?

Via AdsPower. you just need to send your email, we will register an account for you, no need to sign up anything. Then we will send you login information to check and use your account.

Who will need Facebook rental service?

Our customer can be anyone who has a product/ service to promote on Facebook, targeting to reach more customers and increase conversion rate. This service is especially suitable for those who do not have experience on Facebook ads or have difficulty running ads by themselves.

  • Instant support from experience technician about Facebook advertising
  • FREE replacements (account, profile, page, proxy,…)
  • Easy-to-understand and accurate spending report
  • Transparent policy
  • Wide range of account limit to scale

Why Luca Marketing Agency?

There are many reasons for you to choose Luca Marketing Agency as a partner for Facebook rental service:


Years of experience in working with Facebook account and Facebook advertising


Experience in working with many niches from white hats like clothing, cosmetics, household devices,... to black hats like gambling, crypto, ...


Always provide most stable and strong accounts


Attractive promotion for media buyers or multi projects users

How to start renting our Facebook accounts?

First, You need to deposit at least 50$ first for setting up an account. This amount is non-refundable, will be used for advertising or you will lose it if you guys claim an account but don’t use it.

After receiving payment, you will receive detailed information of ads power login, profile, ad account and page after about 1h to 4h. Then you can check all materials and warm-up accounts for better usage.

After that you can create campaigns and leave drafts for technicians to double check before publishing. Do not arbitrarily launch new campaigns without being censored. If the above conditions are not followed, the customer will be charged the deposit fee and the remaining balance in the credit. Money-back guarantee if all rules are followed.

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